18th May 2019 – AIDA ALBERT, voice – FERNANDO TAVOLARO, guitar

2 concerto MS2019



Ariel Ramírez (1921 – 2010) – Félix Luna (1925 – 2009)

Mujeres Argentinas suite

Gringa y chaqueña, Dorotea la cautiva, Manuela la tucumana, Alfonsina y el mar Las cartas de Guadalupe, En casa de Mariquita Rosarito Vera, maestra, Juana Azurduy

Astor Piazzolla (1921- 1992) – Horacio Ferrer (1993 – 2014)

Poema valseado (from “Marìa de Buenos Aires”) – Che tango che

Fernando Tavolaro

Milonga N°5 (dell’emigrante)

Astor Piazzolla – Jorge Luis Borges (1899 – 1986)

El Titere

Astor Piazzolla – Horacio Ferrer

Juanito Laguna ayuda a su mamá – Milonga de la anunciación (from “Marìa de Buenos Aires”) – Preludio para el año 3001 (Rinascerò)



Their long artistic experience contains a vast repertoire of Argentine music from tango to folklore. The Argentine duo Albert -Tavolaro has performed in a wide variety of festivals in Italy and abroad along with important figures from the international scene (Emilia Romagna Festival, Rome Ghione Theater, Little Fenice of Treviso, Duomo d ‘Orvieto, The National Concert Hall of Ireland, international guitar festivals, etc.) Their discography includes many CDs dedicated to Argentine music including: “Concierto porteño” in duo, “… de aquì y de allà” tangos and milongas of the show “Tango & Friends” together with bandoneonist M ° Daniel Binelli and guitarist M ° Eduardo Isaac, “Baires ’73 quartet” and “Argentina … poetry and music” with string quintet directed by Argentine violinist M° Daniel Zisman.

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